Hi SNDA family!

My name is Tareina Rogers and I am a third-year dental student at Tufts University School of
Dental Medicine in Boston, MA. Originally I am from Detroit, MI and I love that place to my core.

In my journey to dental school I have earned three degrees. A Bachelors of Science at Western Michigan University, Masters of Cancer and Chemical Biology at University of Michigan and Masters of Science at MIssissippi College.

While serving as your Corporate Roundtable #2 on 2023-2024 SNDA Executive Board I will make sure to work hard and work beyond what is expected of me. This is a statement that I do not mind committing to because it serves for the betterment of our SNDA family! I’m super excited this year and cannot wait to dive into providing the sponsorships support that we will need for this upcoming year!

Tareina M. Rogers
Tufts University School Of Dental Medicine
Class of 2025


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