Hello SNDA Family, 

My name is Dr. Kamal Smith, and I am a graduate of Duke University and the University of North Carolina Adams School of Dentistry. It was an honor to serve as the 51th National President of the Student National Dental Association, and I am excited to transition into the role of Immediate Past President. In this role I will advise the executive board on SNDA operations and help in the implementation of the strategic plan of the current president, Student Dr. BrandonWallace.

During my leadership term, we executed my strategic plan titled: Go Further Together. Our goal was to go further together and that’s exactly what we did. Together, we laid down the foundation for a national database for minority dental students across the nation accessible through our website, regional continuing education styled meetings, we hosted monthly business office hour sessions to increase the financial literacy of our members, reestablished a collaborative relationship with the National Dental Association resulting in a joint national conference, and culminated with the biggest and most well attended conference in our organization’s 51 year history. I look forward to seeing how this year’s executive board can continue to build upon the progress we made last year and continue to elevate SNDA. The continued growth of our organization is the responsibility of each year’s leadership team, and I am confident that this year’s executive board is more than capable of carrying the legacy of excellent service, leadership and growth of our organization.

Dr. Kamal Smith

Doctor of Dental Surgery ‘23

University of North Carolina Adams School of Dentistry


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