Getting Back to the Basics, together!

In all, we stand together, achieving a common goal, and striving for excellence in the forefront.

Your National Executive Board is excited to introduce and begin implementing our strategic plan for the 2023-24 year, coined “Getting back to the basics”. Since 1970, SNDA has been dedicated to increasing the presence of minorities in the dental field and personally, even before entering dental school, I recall viewing SNDA as a prestigious organization for minorities, by minorities who share a common goal of becoming a dentist. The core initiatives within ‘Getting back to the basics’ will focus on re-establishing the foundation our organization has been built on and further develop community through enhancement of our members’ resources, support of our growing local chapters and by spotlighting innovations within the dental field.

For us, as the National Executive Board, we will ensure that our foundation is concrete, that we are working in harmony, and that we are continuously striving for excellence from our organization and its members.

For you, as a member of SNDA, you will have access to programs and initiatives to bolster your success as you become a dental professional, you will have access and support from me directly, and you will continue to have a community to feel seen, heard and valued.

I look forward to this upcoming 2023-24 year and I hope you all do as well,

Brandon T. Wallace
SNDA National President
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Class of 2024


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