“SNDA to me means family. As an entering first year, I was extremely nervous about my transition to the rigors of dental school. After joining the SNDA, I found not only long-lasting friendships, but also a supportive family. Whether its volunteering at a free clinic or helping a pre-dental student, SNDA has made my dental school career purposeful and fun. I couldn’t do this dental school thing without SNDA.”

Donna ThomasUNC School of Dentistry 2019

“Student National Dental Association has proven to be one of the most invaluable resources throughout my dental education. For me, SNDA is the epitome of family-oriented allowing me to be myself while networking, establishing mentorships, and creating meaningful memories within a professional community. Being both African American and female pursuing a majority profession, I can truly say that the support of SNDA is one of a kind. SNDA has fostered unique experiences for me to progress as a dental professional and become a more contributing member to society.”

Chelsea HooperTexas A&M College of Dentistry 2019

“As a double minority at a majority institution, SNDA has been a safe haven and one of the few organizations in my school where I felt I “belonged”. SNDA has allowed me to be myself and thrive as both a student and leader. Through my participation in SNDA on both a local and national level, I have made lifelong friendships, gained mentors, and developed professionally in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I am amazed at how one organization can so effortlessly unite dental students and young dentists from all across the nation.”

Donielle WilliamsCorporate Roundtable 1, UAB School of Dentistry 2018

“While attending undergrad at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, my experience with SNDA has shaped my philosophy as a young man in society. The SNDA community extends beyond the classroom doors and provides a familial environment that fosters professional development, mentorship, and unity. There is a saying that there is strength in numbers and SNDA has provided me the numbers which give me the strength to continue to learn and expand my passion for dentistry.”

Kelvin OkonsMeharry Medical College College School of Dentistry 2019